Saving Accounts

The way in which your savings will grow is with a competitive interest rate. The higher the rate, the quicker you’ll earn more and more pennies. With a savings account the financial institution offers a standard variable interest rate per annum. Even a 0.5% difference in interest can make you hundreds of dollars in the long run. We offer 4.00 % impressive interest rate.

Minimum Balance:
Many financial institutions require you to make a minimum deposit before they open and activate your savings account, it will need higher amount to be put in it. But we Bhingar Bank offers you to open a new saving account in just a RS. 500 that’s it. No more amount to be needed to open an account.
Our Savings Account is for anyone who is a resident individual (sole or joint) or comes from a Hindu undivided family. A Trust & Foundation can also open a Savings Account
Documentation: Originals & Self-attested copies to be submitted for verification

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